Daily Deal Sites – List of all the one day sales in NZ!

Welcome to NZ’s most comprehensive list of all the 1 day sale and shopping websites that offer daily deals in NZ. You’re one of the 1000′s of Kiwi’s that visit TheSniff.co.nz each month hunting out a great one day sales! If you find one that isn’t on our daily deal list or needs updating, please let us know using the comment box at the bottom of the page. As there are so many now, I’ve broken them into categories – One day sale sites, Group deal sites , and finally, shopping websites that offer one day deals. I hope you find this site useful! Product one day deals by category.

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One Day Deal Websites

This main group of daily sale websites offer a range of products at generally massively reduced prices. Below this list you’ll find the one day sale sites broken into specialised areas. Preview all the main 1 day sale site on one page!

  1. 1-Day.co.nz
    Three deals at 12noon every day
  2. CrazySales.co.nz 
    Seven deals at 12noon every day
  3. Marine-deals.co.nz 
    [fishing and boating ] each Wednesday for 24hrs
  4. DaySale.co.nz
    Four new deals at 12noon every day
  5. OffTheBack.co.nz
    Three new deals at 9am every day
  6. OneDollar.co.nz
    Four new deals at 12noon every day
  7. DealADay.co.nz
    Three new deals at 10am every day
  8. FreeDeals.co.nz
    Three new deals at 12noon every day
  9. MightyApe.co.nz
    Six deals at 12noon every day

  10. FirstIn.co.nz
    Three deals at 10am every day
  11. TodaySale.co.nz Camping & Outdoor gear
    4 deals at 11:30am every day
  12. LastDrinks.co.nz Drinks – wine, beer
    4 deals at 11:30am every day
  13. NutritionDeal.co.nz Body Building supplies
    Three deals at 12noon every day
  14. KiwiDeals.co.nz [Outdoor and Leisure]
    Two deals every day at 12noon
  15. 6Shooter.co.nz
    Six deals at 12noon every day
  16. Snaffles.co.nz
    Three deals at 12noon every day
  17. Tools.co.nz Power tools and DIY gear
    Three power tool deals at 12noon every day
  18. TrigInstruments.co.nz
    Three new deals at 12noon every day
  19. SuperMarketSaver.co.nz Supermarket goods
    Three deals at 10am every day.
  20. TheWarehouse.co.nz
    Three deals at 10am every day
  21. ProductSaver.co.nz
    Three new deals at 10am every day
  22. SwarmingBargains.co.nz
    Three new deals at 11am every day
  23. DealOn.co.nz
    NZ deals every few days

  24. Gumboot.co.nz Toys + DVD + Games
    One new deal at 7am every day
  25. Deals4Kids.co.nz Kids deals
    One new deal at 12noon every day
  26. iQToys.co.nz Toys and more
    One new deal at 7am everday
  27. IWantThat.co.nz [Gadgets + Toys]
    One new deal at 7am every day
  28. Deals2Go.co.nz 
    One nationwide deal at midnight every day + side deals
  29. Dailytee.co.nz
    One new limited edition designer tee is listed daily and lasts for 72hours

Experience One Day Deal Websites

Experience deal sites (or group buying sites as they commonly work) are a little different to the normal daily deal sites. We have a brief and easy to understand guide on how these sites work and what to look for when purchasing a daily deal experience.

  1. GrabOne.co.nz
    one new deal at midnight every day
  2. Groupy.co.nz
    one new deal at midnight every day
  3. TreatMe.co.nz
    one new deal at midnight every day
  4. DailyDo.co.nz
    one new deal at 9am every day
  5. Spreets.co.nz
    one new deal at midnight every day
  6. DealMate.co.nz
    one experience in Auckland every day
  7. YaZoom.co.nz
    one experience in Auckland every day
  8. Cudo.co.nz
    one experience in Auckland every day

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1 Day deal sale sites that have closed up shop:

Below is a list is for One Day Sale sites that have closed up and no longer offering daily deals.

  1. Top-10.co.nz – Closed up shop selling electronic deals
  2. Bookshake.co.nz – No longer offering deals, but used to be cheap books.
  3. GameADay.co.nz No longer operating selling discount games.
  4. TheSale.co.nz Shut down. They used to sell all types of home-ware and electronics.
  5. EzyDeal.co.nz  – Shut down their business
  6. Daily-Deals.co.nz  – No new deals for a very long time. Sold all types of products
  7. SnatchADeal.co.nz not a daily deal site anymore
  8. EziBuy.co.nz – Have unfortunately seemed to have stopped offering daily deals for clothing.
  9. GrabOneTee.co.nz – moved across to GrabOneStore.co.nz
  10. DailyBeat.co.nz – Closed up their business. Did offer cheap music tracks for download.
  11. Bizbuz.co.nz – Not sure what’s going on with their website but not offering.
  12. Zoggi.co.nz – No longer doing daily deals daily
  13. 1-DayCellar.co.nz  – These were run by the 1-day guys, but closed up. They are still offering daily deals on the main site
  14. TradeMe.co.nz Daily Deals  – Trade Me decided to stop offering deals and pulled the plug on that monster.
  15. Lemonpie.co.nz  – Never launched their site offering daily deals.
  16. ShoreDeal.co.nz – No longer about.
  17. MyGroupBuy.co.nz – Never launched their daily deal site
  18. Deal.Acquire.co.nz –  No new deals for electronic type goods.
  19. www.Hot4Deals.co.nz – Closed down temporarily but never returned.
  20. DayDealSales.co.nz no longer does daily deals
  21. Home-Essentials.co.nz  no longer offering daily deals
  22. Cudo.co.nz  – left the competitive daily deal market in NZ
  23. GrabOneHomeAndGarden.co.nz – Closed up offering deals.
  24. GrabOneFamilies.co.nz – Pulled form the list of deals. Did sell kids gear.
  25. DailyRead.co.nz  – Closed down website offering books
  26. 7day.co.nz – Removed because not doing daily deals
  27. 3Deals.co.nz  – Closed up and no longer operating as a daily deal site.
  28. TradeDeal.co.nz  – Never launched their website
  29. Deals4Kiwis.co.nz  – Shut up shop in NZ
  30. DealOnIt.co.nz   – No longer in the daily deal market
  31. 100only.co.nz  – Closed down operation in NZ
  32. DailyWeddings.co.nz – No longer doing daily deals
  33. KidzGrab.co.nz  – No new deals. They did offer parenting type deals.
  34. BestBuysSnap.co.nz  – No new deals for a long time
  35. DailySupps.co.nz  – Have stopped offering offering daily deals
  36. KiwieShop.co.nz  – No new deals for a very long time. Presumed they have closed their site
  37. HugeBargains.co.nz  – These guys are no longer active
  38. www.uloot.co.nz  – Closed down and longer offering daily deals.
  39. Grab-a-Deal.co.nz – No longer operating here in NZ. Did offer wine for sale at discounted rates.
  40. ScratchAndSave.co.nz  – Shut up like many others daily deals sites.
  41. RedHotDeals.co.nz – Gone-burgers or shut up shop
  42. LoveThatDeal.co.nz Closed down site.
  43. BargainBaBee.com  – Did offer parenting type deals but have gone
  44. GirlsDeals.co.nz   – It appears they have changed owners and no longer in the daily deal market
  45. NZsale.co.nz – Like many others, these guys have shut up shop



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  1. There used the be a website on here years ago to buy replica d and g sunglasses really cheap does anyone know if this still exists?

  2. The best Daily Deals is from PerfumeNZ.co.nz. They are INCREDIBLE ! Prices are discounted so low and they offer overnight courier. I have purchased from them a few times now and always recommend them to all my friends.

  3. Hey There,

    We’d love to list our new daily deal t-shirt site with your site please.

    dailytee.co.nz is NZ’s brand new designer t-shirt site that features artists submissions on the tee-canvas. A new limited edition designer tee is listed daily and lasts for 72hours, so 3 t-shirts are available at any one time, all with 24 hour staggered expiry times.

    It is an artist based submission site and users are required to vote on the designs in the ‘VOTE’ page in order to make them a daily deal available to be purchased. Once the designs become a daily deal and have been up for sale for the 72 hour period and expire, they then go to the ‘ENCORE’ page where they have another chance to be revoted back into a daily deal.

    Artists receive their own profile page where they can feature their artist portfolio and there are many interactive features for users to earn $$, win prizes, become retailers and more….. dailytee.co.nz

    Thanks for the opportunity to list with you,

    Big Love

    Team Daily Tee

    • Love the concept and you’ve got some hot looking tees! I’ve added it to the list. Thanks!

  4. Lots of updates for Spring! Seems like people are getting daily deal fatigue… Are you still finding some great deals? – TheSniff

  5. These ones don’t work either…

    And IQToys doesn’t open in a new tab

  6. It seems that some of your links are a bit out of date and don’t exist any more:

    The links between 18 and 25, open in the same tab and it makes it harder to browse around the sites

  7. I purchased a touch phone from Trade deal. Received a flash phone 2x batteries, accessories and a book on features but no operating instructions. Lots of promises to solve my issue but NO SERVICE

  8. 6shooter is cheater , dont buy anything from 6 shooter i ordered 2 sets of deo worth 24 each i paid for 2 by cc then i got only one set for rest i asked for refund or any replacement no reply at all ,i suggest its better not to deal with them anymore.

  9. If I have a problem with an advertiser who do I get in touch with. I am not an advertiser. I am a customer

  10. The Gumboot site is so stupid, why would anybody pay $140 for Call Of Duty: Black Ops when you can buy it from Mighty Ape for $68 lol FAIL!

  11. hi .. whats the other option for trademe.co.nz ? im selling handmade there and i want to try other website

    hope you can help .. thanks

  12. I suggest you think long and hard before you buy these ‘hot’ deals on these web sites, esp for beauty therapy ones, I have bought TWO from a place called ‘forever shine’ in wellington
    a mani and pedi and a massage, I have tried booking on numerous occassions upon them telling me they’re fully booked, they have said they will honor vouchers for another 2 months BUT, then I emailed living social and they informed me I need to call a 1800 number. yeah THANKS, not

  13. Hi, used Red Hot Deals a few times now, mainly spa and pampering stuff. So far not had any disappointment with the therapists they have deals for.

  14. Hi there,
    Just wondering if you could add our website to your list of main 1 day sites. We have been up and running for a few weeks now and all is going well.

  15. I recommend nobody do business with sextoyshop.co.nz. They don’t dispatch orders or respond to emails. They do take your money though however!!

  16. I Want That has a daily deal every day starting at 7pm. If your into wierd & wacky gadgets and gizmos its a good one to keep an eye on!

  17. Hi ya! Red Hot Deals would love to be featured on your site! Please email me, I’d love to have a chat. Talk soon!

    – Carlos Chilli

  18. This is a new technology site for NZer’s with new exciting innovative technology just for kiwis :) Also check it out on Facebook!!!!

  19. Where can I find out who are the top 10 actually daily deal websites here in NZ?

  20. Just to let you know we have launched a new site: sextoyshop.co.nz
    This has three new deals each day. We would love it if you added it to you list.


  21. I am complaining about Groupy running a promotion that I had pitched to them and that Groupy had accepted and then had run it with another company. This is rather dishonest behaviour and follows from Groupy not giving clients copies of the contracts they sign (fancy that, makes it easy to rip off ideas)

    If you have a company stay away from Groupy, or you will end up suing them like we are.

  22. Hi ya! Yazoom would love to be featured on your site :-) Please email me, I’d love to have a chat. Talk soon!

  23. I was told about a new site today. Check out http://www.1-daydeals.com. They have some good looking products especially their mobile phones and there are 3 new deals each day. Check them out. My friend said delivery is pretty prompt too.

  24. Catch of the day is just really slow in delivering items. It eventually gets there
    Thank you for all the links :)

  25. We are a New Zealand owned business (Parrot Online Ltd) and would like to list our site with you.
    We sell state of the art electronic goods such as Cell Phones, GPS, Camcorders, Cameras and so much more
    We have 3 fantastic deals each day and an online shop full of products at great everyday prices.
    At present we have a contest for all our customers. One entry for every $100.00 spent.
    e also have FREE shipping to NZ and Aussie.

  26. FYI – Yahooshopping, the company who produces there daily deals has gone into receivership.
    You may want to remove them.


  27. has anyone had any problems with the half day sale website for the beer, spirits and wine??? I ordered something last week Friday and just today because I still haven’t got the product, they call me to tell me it’s been cancelled.

    truly pathetic, they should be taken off!

  28. I also have not received my purchase from Catch of The Day – has anyone had problems? are they a bad site???

  29. 1-Night.co.nz launched their daily drink deal today in Wellington. 1-Night does a daily drink deal, no rubbish, no pedicures you will never use, just good drink deals around town. Have a look

    • Hi Holly. I’m sure people would like to know about this! I’ll add it in the next site update. Cheers!

    • Thanks Rachel. I’ll follow it closely over the next week and add it in the next site update.

  30. Hi – do you know if there are any sites selling business services to other businesses – like for startups and the like?

    • Hi Brooke. Sorry, I don’t know of any, but maybe one of our readers does? Can anyone suggest any?

  31. Hi,

    I have placed an order with catch of the day and it has been three weeks n no sign of my purchase. No replies to my most recent enquiry either. If someone from COTD is reading this…..please answer my queries.


  32. Great resource you have here! Perfect for bargain hunters and a great way for these companies to be found. Thanks

  33. Love the new layout – much easier to follow and even more sites – awesome effort. Thanks :)

    • Thanks Anna for your feedback and super glad to hear that you like the new layout! Please let your friends know about us too :)

  34. Hi there…SocialBuy.co.nz has just launched in Hamilton…Could you list us on your “Group Buying” page please

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