TheSniff December Update – 2013 in Review

Hi there daily deal hunters!


Some of you may have noticed that on the 30th of November TheSniff website went down for several days. This was caused by an automatic database upgrade… Boooo. We’re back now!!!

Check out the list of NZ’s daily deal sites

There are still plenty of deals to be found and especially with the lead up to Christmas. I expect there are some hot deals amongst them too! Remember, TheSniff has a list of all the daily deal sites and if you notice ones that have changed, or any new ones, let us know in the comments section!

Don’t forget to take into consideration the shipping times when buying online at any online retailer. Some will make it clear upfront that last day to buy to guarantee delivery before Christmas, others you’ll need to do some research yourself or ask.


During 2013, the daily deal space has shrunk considerably. This is particularly noticeable around the deal space on ‘things to see and do’. Groupon.com led this space (launching in 11/2008) with many others jumping on the band wagon since then (that might be a bit of an understatement!).

It’s a highly competitive space and a reason the bottom has dropped out is what some call ‘daily deal fatigue’. This is on both sides, retailers and consumers. Some of the magic has been lost with the concept of a deal becoming ‘unlocked’ when X amount of people commit to buy been removed.

WHAT FOR 2014?

I expect that we’ll see fewer and fewer daily deal sites in NZ. The decline will speed up if the NZ dollar begins to fall and retailers need to pass on the increased price of sourcing the goods to consumers. Yikes, lets hope not!

The main daily deal players I expect to stay put, but many of the smaller ones will unfortunately struggle with the continued consumer fatigue.

Will there be a new buying concept to excite consumers once again? That’s anyones guess!

Have a safe, fun Christmas and New Years!

Tim @ TheSniff

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