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Experience deal sites (or group buying sites as they commonly work) are a little different to the normal daily deal sites. We have a brief and easy to understand guide on how these sites work and what to look for when purchasing a daily deal experience.

These sites offer voucher’s on things to see and do in across NZ and not physical products. They are discounted and the one day deals range from around 50% to 90% off experiences. Past deals have included cheap $1 burgers and pizzas through to $10 massages and spas right through to deals on holidays to the likes of Fiji. Deals for most of these sites go on sale at midnight each day.

Preview Auckland’s 1 day voucher deals sites

Preview Wellington’s 1 day voucher deals sites

List of the voucher one day deals sites in Auckland, Wellington, and across NZ

Treat Me





Living Social.co.nz







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